turns your Business into One Touch Brand

Magento Mobile Apps turns your
Business into a big Brand.

At MagentoNinja, you can develop your fully-functional Magento Mobile App for your business and can gain more customers, also retain the existing one, by resulting in a good quality and standardized shopping experience to boost your revenues.

With Magento Mobile Apps, you give a reason to your user to visit your store frequently. Also will help you in taking your web commerce store to a next level where it is not easy for others to compete with you.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) – Attention Seeker

eCommerce web stores are utilizing digital standards called Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to offer mobility experiences to their users.

These front-end technology goals deliver high quality performance, regardless of devices or network issues.

The enhancing results of PWAs with native-apps are fast, reliable, and engaging. With PWAs, users can quickly opt for what they are looking for or can continue browsing while offline.

PWAs is part of Magento’s product road map.

Android & iOS Apps- Based on Magento Mobile Apps

At MagentoNinja, we build significant, extensible, and highly secured Magento Mobile Apps on Android as well as on iOS to augment your customer’s experience and support.


Other core reasons for adopting Magento Mobile Applications

  • Mobile transactions are secured and smooth.
  • Customer support services are on one touch click.
  • Excellent Mobile app UI enhances the navigation and sales.
  • Checkout services become easy and quick with high security.

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