Some Features of Magento API


The client has an option to create, delete and update customer details and also can fetch the functionality of customers.


Catalogues are provided to gather the list of stock accounts and to upload the stock via list.

Products & its Categories

You can create, update or delete the information and attributes of your products added to your store as per its preferences. Also, you can categorize your products and assign them accordingly as per their requirements based on the product specifications as per product catalog.

Sales Order, Order item, comments, and address

You can add Sales order list with information. Also fetch the details for order items and its shipping address. You can get the billing and shipment details. Comments for the specified order can also be acquired with the help of the list.

Magento REST API Integration will help your business applications and make them reliable and secure for Magento Enterprise and Community edition. At MagentoNinja, a team of experienced hands with REST, SOAP or XML-RC will serve you with desired results.

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