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Build your Extensions with MagentoNinja

Get your Magento Extensions and Magento Support with MagentoNinja. Magento Extensions
is a set of functions brought and installed to your Magento Store.

Are you looking for Magento Extensions?

The eCommerce stores who want to grow their limitations adopt extension development. If you need some specific extensions or functionalities, we can help you to choose it right, as Magento Extensions are made for store-front functionalities. We develop custom Magento plugins and extensions which align perfectly with the requirements of your business. Our team ensures that the planned extension not only blends with your business but with Magento’s core functionalities as well.

We go through NDA and you Preserve IP rights

MagentoNinja prioritizes your privacy and so before taking charge of your ECommerce store into our Magento Extensions Development team, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Here, we promise you about not disclosing anything that concerns your business and functional development. Once the process of development is done we hand over your Magento Extensions with all IP rights, we don’t keep any IP rights not even for reference. MagentoNinja works on beliefs of faith and loyalty work relations.

Let's make your Ideas possible with our Magento Skills

So, why are you looking for Magento Extensions to be developed? From adding shipping rates, multi-currency, social sharing options to make a multilingual website we develop customized Magento Extensions as per your need. Extensions for front-end or back-end.

For Multiple Functions Prototypes are served

For your custom Magento extensions requirements, we guide you through a prototype which will help you to analyze and finalize. By resolving the need of creating multiple extensions differently will also spare you from spending much time and money unnecessarily without desired result.

Our Magento Extensions Development Process

For your E-Commerce website, our team plans on developing your Magento Extensions that will not only make your site worthy but also effective and smooth at a time. We develop extensions which will maintain and manage your Enterprise Magento Store swiftly while maintaining the smoothness in process.

We Proclaim QA Testing

After developing your Magento Extensions, we go under the process of testing your extensions on multiple platforms, browsers and devices. At MagentoNinja, we have an efficient team of QA which proficiently work on extensions testing process and provide you with the best quality Magento Extensions.

Our Final QC Round – Compatibility Check

Each Web-Store works differently and so does Magento Extensions. By checking the compatibility, we ensure that your extensions are working smoothly or not, when they are added to the current version of your web-store and will be compatible with the upcoming versions. QC team will verify the whole process from start to end before the final handover of the extensions.

Handover your Magento Extensions

We offer our hand-on demo service while beginning with the final handover of Magento Extensions. Even after final handover of your Magento Extensions we take care of your queries and concerns whenever it’s required during our business relationship. MagentoNinja assures you with our Magento Support Services till the end of our business life.

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